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News, Notes, and Updates


Here's news, information, a little history, and updates for Outpost users on what's going on with Outpost.  Thanks to all the contributors for sharing your discoveries and observations.

8 Aug  2011     v2.5 c033

Jim  KN6PE 

This update includes a rewrite of Ics213mm,  tighter integration with PacFORMs, and some other minor changes and fixes.  See the Release Information for the details.


21 Mar  2011     v2.5 c021

Jim  KN6PE 

This update addresses a couple of problems and feature requests to the Outpost suite.  See the Release Information for the details.  Additionally, a new presentation by Santa Clara County RACES made to Alameda County RACES was posted.


26 Dec  2010     v2.5 c014

Jim  KN6PE 

This is release delivers several new features,  enhancements, and bug fixes to the Outpost suite.  See the Release Information for the details.


14 June 2010     v2.4 c099; various changes

Jim  KN6PE 

This update makes 12 changes -- fixes and additions -- to the Outpost suite.  See the Release Information for the details.


4 April 2010     v2.4 c089; JNOS optimization, other changes

Jim  KN6PE 

This update addresses several problems and requests for JNOS support.  I hope to get an App Note out on how Outpost and JNOS can work together in an optimized manner.


28 January 2010     v2.4 c082; BPQMailChat fix

Jim  KN6PE 

This update hopefully addresses the last BPQMailChat defect; Outpost with this new BBS is reported as working well together. 


11 January 2010     v2.4 c081 is now available

Jim  KN6PE 

This update resolves a bunch of issues identified since the first v2.4 release.  See the README240 file for details.  


30 December 2009     v2.4 c075 is now available

Jim  KN6PE 

Outpost v2.4 is now available.  See the README240 file for installation details.  The release includes the following executables:


Program Version Description
Outpost.exe 2.4 c075 Outpost Main Program
Opscripts.exe 1.1 c004 Scripting Language and Processor
Opupdate24.exe 2.4 c039 Data migration program; Updates the v2.2 to v2.4 data structures.  Runs at installation.
Ipserial.exe 2.4 c006 Interactive Packet, serial program
Ipagwpe.exe 2.4 c006 Interactive Packet, AGWPE program
Iptelnet.exe 2.4 c006 Interactive Packet, TELNET  program
Ics213mm.exe 1.0 c099 ICS 213 Messaging
Opdirect.exe 2.4 c044 Opdirect Message Capture System, receives messages from PacFORMS and Ics213mm.exe, and creates Outpost messages.


15 December 2009     Outpost runs on Windows 7

Andy KI6SEP, Howard W7HGA, Bob KE6GYD 

All reported no problems running Outpost on the  Windows 7 O/S.  Andy says, "VERY limited usage and it worked fine.  Send & received ~6 messages, ran some scripts, sent some PACForms."  Howard reported: "I built a small pc (Atom processor) and I am using Windows 7 with Outpost. I have not had any problems with loading or running Outpost."  Bob stated: "I have it loaded and running on Win7 64bit and connected to a kpc3 pbbs with no prob." 


17 February 2009     Outpost runs on Windows 7 BETA


Wes reported "Outpost worked for me on 7 without needing a Vista upgrade.  I installed the Windows 7 beta on a spare hard drive and then loaded Outpost (ver 2.3.0 c27) and PacForms. Both programs worked properly..." 


31 December 2008     v2.3 c027 Update is available


This release corrects several minor defects reported since the original v2.3 release.  See the v2.3.0 Release Information for what's changed in this release.


9 October 2008     v2.3 Update is available


This release adds Outpost Scripting as well as a variety of enhancements and fixes.  See the v2.3.0 Release Content Description Doc for information on this release.

3 June 2008     v2.2.2 Update is available
This update adds a mix of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to all of Outpost's programs.  See the v2.2.2 Release Content Description Doc for information on this release.

16 December 2007     v2.2.1 Release Content Description
Release v2.2.1 is a minor release that supports several new enhancements to Outpost.  it also introduces "Scripting" as a means for expanding Outpost automation.  See the v2.2.1 Release Content Description Doc for information on this release. .

16 November 2007     v2.2c229 Update is available
This update adds support for the KAM-4 PBBS.

9 November 2007     v2.2c228 Update is available
This update resolves all send and receive problems for the DXNET BBS as reported by the Arapahoe County ARES (D22) group.  It also supports PacForms, Santa Clara County's direct messaging procedures.  PacForms will be introduced in an App Note in the near future.

3 July 2007     v2.2c209 Update is available
This update addresses several problems with the v2.2 release, particularly around direct telnet access for Winlink.  See the Release Summary for a list of what's been changed.  As a side note, v2.2 has been the toughest release to date, particularly around several aspects of the solution that were difficult to test without direct access to one of several environmental conditions.  The implication is that I will need to rely on the users to help with some of the pre-release check-out.  While that worked out well prior to the v2.2 release, Outpost users continue to show creative ways of using the program that I could never have imagined!

14 May 2007     v2.2c205 Update is available
This update addresses 2 problems that were identified since the original v2.2c194 release. You should update Outpost if you (i) connect to a PK-232, DSP-232, or PK-88 PBBS that is local to your PC, or experiencing Error 13 Type Mismatch errors during a Send/Receive Session with a KPC3 PBBS.

26 April 2007     v2.2c198 Update is available
This is an update to all 4 Outpost programs previously released with v2.2 that resolves 5 defects discovered since the v2.2 release.  Note: there will be at least one more bug-fix release to address a late arrival that did not make it into this release. 

15 April 2007     v2.2 docs now available
Updates were made to the Users Guide, Troubleshooting, and Application Notes.  Additionally, the HOW-TO files that are delivered with the distribution have been added as an on-line reference.

7 April 2007     Version 2.2.0 is now available
This release delivers Telpac support and other BBS handling enhancements.  Read up on the v2.2 description and the v2.2 changes.

15 January 2007     SCC RACES Application Note
This document is an Outpost implementation and policy guide for Santa Clara County RACES that defines the setups and configuration needed to support packet activities in the County.  See the application note for details.

5 November 2006     v2.1.2 Update
Resolves 2 issues, repackages v2.1 with the v2.1.1 changes into a stand-alone release.  See the release information for details. 

22 October 2006     v2.1.1 Update
Resolves a critical issue required for Santa Clara County's custom W6XSC-1 BBS, and others.  See the release information for details. 

15 October 2006     KA-Node Application Note
The KA-Node/NetRom feature takes a bit if understanding to get it up and running.  This application note steps through a real example of configuring Outpost to access an F6FBB BBS by means of a KA-Node and Net/Rom node.  

8 October 2006     v2.1 release
The v2.1 release is an upgrade to Outpost  v2.0.4.  Introduces several new features including KA-Node support, Tactical Calls, and about 20 other enhancements.  See the Readme210 and Readme210-CONFIG files for details.

24 May 2006     Outpost User Group is up and running
Special thanks to Art AB6HB for helping to get an Outpost User group set up in Yahoo.  If interested in joining, check out OutpostPacket at Yahoo.com.

6 May 2006     Outpost at EMCOMMWEST'06
I had the pleasure to give a presentation on Outpost at the EMCOMMWEST'06 Conference held at the Atlantis Resort, Reno NV.  It was great to put some faces with names and get a chance to hear how people have been using Outpost.  The talk addressed how Outpost supports the mission that Emergency Communicators have been asked to undertake.  Check out the Outpost at EMCOMMWEST'06 presentation for another approach on how to think about Outpost.

19 February 2006     Outpost on Windows'95
Bruce KC8VHR
Bruce reported that he has been able to get Outpost working on not just one Windows'95, but up to 7 laptops and 2 boxes.  Check out his Outpost-on-WX'95 application note for the details on how he did it.

8 February 2006     v2.0.4 User Guide is available
Jim  KN6PE
The v2.0.4 users guide has been updated.  All sections have been updated to reflect the changes found in this release.

5 February 2006     v2.0.4 Update
Jim  KN6PE
The v2.0.4 release is an update to Outpost  v2.0.  As an update, a full install is not required resulting in changes to the various program data file.  This update can be applied over v2.0 (and it should be) to take effect.  See the Readme204 file for details.

20 August  2005     Ip2.0.2 Update
Jim  KN6PE
The Ip2.0.2 update fixes 2 problems with the 3 Interactive Packet programs that are available  with the v2.0 release.  See the Readme202 file to determine if you should install it, and the steps to perform the update.  Thanks Klaus VE3KR and Robert KD6INI for reporting these problems.

28 July  2005     Telnet Timeouts
Art reports that, when attempting to query a BBS by Telnet with LOTS of bulletins, the recommended 5000 mses (5 second) timeout is not sufficient when retrieving the message list.  Art has set his to 25000 msec and this works well.

20 July 2005     v2.0 User Guide is available
Jim  KN6PE
The user guide is updated.  The key changes is an expanded Section 4 (Setting up Interfaces) and Section 13 (Interactive Packet Window) to address Serial, AGWPE, and Telnet.  All other v2.0 features are also included.  An updated Training Package is still pending.

16 June 2005     v2.0 Release
Jim  KN6PE
Version 2.0 is available.  The big change in Outpost 2.0 is the addition of support for AGWPE and Telnet for F6FBB BBSs. There are a series of other enhancements and bug fixes that are also included.

22 Mar 2005
Jim  KN6PE
Updated Support and Troubleshooting pages to reflect current re-occurring problems that are being reported.

29 Dec 2004     v1.3.3
Version 1.3.3 is the culmination of 2 releases that addressed a critical MSYS BBS problem (double-spacing of uploaded messages) that was "re-introduced" since the v1.2.7 release.  If you are an MSYS user, v1.3.3 is a MUST.   See the Readme133 file for details.  Thanks to George W9GWP for an up-and-running MSYS BBS for test purposes! 

26 Dec 2004     v1.3.1, Training material now available
Version 1.3.1 is an Update to address a problem with Outpost running with the XP Style enabled.  See the Readme131 file to determine if this is relevant to you.  Also, the training material is now available here.  This is an easier read than plowing through the 80+ pages of the user guide!

21 Dec 2004     v 1.3 User guide is now available
The v1.3 User Guide is now up on the website and available for download here.  The Training Slide Package is next and should be available within a few days.

19 Dec 2004     Version 1.3.0 is now available
The v1.3 release is now available.  For a description on the fundamental differences between v1.3 and previous releases, see the Release Announcement.  For details on the release, check out the release content, then scroll down to the V1.3 release information.  

22 Nov 2004     Preview -- Version 1.3.0
The Version 1.3 Release Content Description document is complete and available for download.  check out what's planned by taking a look at the doc.

10 Oct 2004     Version 1.2.7
Version 1.2.7 is a maintenance release that addresses specific problems with interacting with the MSYS BBS.  Key changes include general removal of Line Feeds (LFs) sent as part of all BBS messages, and the addition of MSYS Message Subject and Text prompt detection.  If you are an MSYS user, this is a must-have release.  A few other changes were also included in this release.  Check out  the v1.2.7 release content for details.

Special thanks to George W9GWP and the Lake County (IL) Digital Group for helping to troubleshoot and validate the fix.  Also, George, the Sysop for the KC9GAX MSYS BBS, has offered to help any Outpost user with questions about interacting with an MSYS BBS.  Please contact George by email at w9gwp@yahoo.com.

04 Sep 2004     Version 1.2.1
Version 1.2.1 is a maintenance release that addresses several problems that were discovered in v1.2. Unless you are experiencing any of these specific problems, there is NO NEED to upgrade to this release.  Check out the v1.2.1 release content for a description of what's changed.

17 Aug 2004     SV1AIZ BBS Support
A pilot version of v1.2.1 was released with support for the SV1AIZ BBS software.  The key difference was the formatting of the date/time in the message list.  While the implementation in Outpost appears to have been successful, Jim KB9MMC reports that the BBS software was not as stable as they hoped.  

30 May 2004     Version 1.2
Version 1.2 is now available on the website.  While v 1.1 focused on filling in some of the base Outpost functionality, v 1.2 is the first release that has expanded the capabilities of the program with new features such as Online Reports and Selective Bulletin Retrieval.  Thanks to all those who contributed suggestions and ideas.

8 May 2004     Version 1.2 Release Content Description available 
The scope of Release 1.2 is locked down and a detailed description can be found here.  Release 1.2 should be out by early June or as soon as I complete the system test.    

20 April 2004     Version 1.1.4 
This is the companion release to version 1.0.6.  Version 1.1.4 is an optional release and not required to be installed.  However, if you are hesitating upgrading from 1.0 out of fear of loosing your mail, this is a way to do it.  Let me know and I'll send you detailed instructions.    

19 April 2004     Version 1.0.6 
While extensions are in progress with 1.1 (and plans in place for 1.2), this release of 1.0.6 adds an Export Feature to anyone still on the 1.0 base version so that messages can be exported and imported into Version 1.1.4 (soon to be released).  

3 April 2004     Version 1.1.2 
Version 1.1.3 fixes 3 problems discovered with the 1.1 release.  See the Information on Version 1.1 link, section on 1.1.1, for details. 

14 March 2004     App Note on Sending Spreadsheet Data
The first Outpost Application Note (2004-01) was released that described 2 methods for sending data stored in a spreadsheet using Outpost. 

22 March 2004     Training material
The first pass at some Outpost training material is available (Training and a Tour).  See the "Documentation and Training" link on the Outpost home page.  Your suggestions ideas for other training items are appreciated.

14 March 2004     Version 1.1.1
Version 1.1.1 fixes a couple of problems discovered with the 1.1 release.  See the Information on Version 1.1 link, section on 1.1.1, for details.

11 March 2004     Installing Version 1.1 over 1.0.1
Phil KF6ZSQ, Santa Clara County (CA) Hospital Group
"I installed OUTPOST 1.1 over the top of 1.0.1 on Win ME using the NT-2K-XP version of Outpost and got several errors when I attempted to execute it.  I went back and de-installed BOTH versions, which showed up in the Install/De-Install window. I then re-installed 1.1 and 1.1 executed OK."

8 March 2004     USB-to-9-pin Serial cable
Phil KF6ZSQ, Santa Clara County (CA) Hospital Group, reports that he "... successfully sent a fairly long packet message (A DEOC-9 web form result) to the County BBS from El Camino Hospital using the Hospital Net Laptop and Outpost. It went fairly fast, ~1 to 2 min. The key was to set hardware flow control on, and 9600 baud within Outpost. The Laptop used a Radio Shack USB to 9-pin serial cable, which on the Laptop, comes out as COM-1, even though the RS instructions said it would be COM-3."

7 March 2004     Version 1.1
"Thanks for all the feedback you've sent in over the last few months on Outpost. Based on your comments, Version 1.1 is now available and incorporates a lot of your suggestions into a release that has an overall focus on usability.  The website has a good summary of what's changed since Version 1.0 (click on the "What's New in Outpost Version 1.1" link). There is also a link to a document that goes into more detail on the changes.  If/when you download it, please note that most (not all) of the new configuration files are NOT backward compatible with version 1.0. Take a look at the README file for details and exceptions."

10 February 2004     MSYS BBS
Jim KB9MMC, Milwaukee ARES, reports that Outpost [version] 1.0.5 is up and running with the MSYS BBS.  They will be performing a series of messaging tests with the system for a month or so.

19 October 2003     Version 1.0.1
Outpost TNC Message Manager Version 1.0.1 is available for download.  

22 July 2003     Version BETA v0.96, One-station Difipeat hop
BETA v 0.96 is now up on the website. This is an interim release that addresses a couple of known software bugs, some performance tuning, minor documentation updates, and one enhancement to support a one-station digipeat hop (this one's for you, Jerry!). See the README.txt file, section 4: "What's New in Version 0.96" up on the website for details."

26 May 2003     Looking for Beta Testers
Outpost is introduced to the Santa Clara Valley packet users. 

November 2002     Outpost development begins
Outpost was conceived out of a requirement to address a specific need I experienced in Cupertino.


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