Release Notes Summary

6 June 2022


Version 3.6

6 June 2022

General Changes
#1533 Adds option for split-field support when entering commands
#1572 Allows Bulletins>custom filter entries to be commented out
#1608 Enhances Telnet 'no connect' message with the BBS & IF that failed
#1626 Resolves message unbolding when using up/down arrows
#1635 Adds URL recognition in a message
#1667 Fixes MessageNew and MessageOpen form reset from Outpost Tools > Reset Forms to Normal
#1668 Removes Ipserial extra CR after pasting a string to the form.
#1671 Fixes Read Receipts not being sent
#1677 Fixes MS Word enhanced Single-and Double-quotes when pasted into a script
#1683 Changes DELIVERED receipt messages time to 24-hour time
#1686 Roll back Installer version to allow for XP system installations.

Scripting Changes
#0815 Adds Find, Replace capability to Scripting
#0920 Adds a Scripting Date and Time system function
#1566 Adds script editor colorization
#1618 Fixes Scripting Cut-Copy-Paste (Cntl-C, -V, -X)
#1619 Adds Script Area Word Wrap
#1654 Fixes Scripting incorrect error message when using “_” or “-” in the variable name
#1664 Fixes overflow run-time error on script compile for over 900+ lines
#1670 Adds a script command to set or reset the message URGent flag.
#1678 Highlights script error line identified by the compiler
#1680 Changes Script Status Bar to show file name only (not full path)

Version 3.5

24 June 2021

#1642 Resolved Programs failing AV checks, sometimes getting deleted
#1643 Remove all references to interactive packet form AddIpDev
#1644 Updated all System Libraries
#1645 Removed MSCOMM32.OCX from all 3 Ip programs & ICS213mm
#1646 Resolved, removed MSCOMM32.OCX code dependency in Opsessn
#1647 Removed the 'System Info' functionality on all About pages
#1648 Acquired code signing certificate, digitally signed all Outpost programs and installers
#1649 Removed all references to .exe files that are not digitally signed

Version 3.4c024

6 June 2021
This version includes the following changes:

#1637 Resolves problem where Phantom Tac Calls persist after being deleted
#1638 Resolves problem where Logon at Startup box change is not saved
#1639 Adds Signature line to ICS309 Comm Log to align with FEMA/ICS forms
#1640 Resolves problem where ICS309clb Note 1 and Note 2 flow into the footer space

Version 3.4c022

11 February 2021
This version includes the following changes:

#1352 Implement Context (Popup) menus for messages
#1513 AutoPrint: Addon Auto Printing on Send, Receive
#1571 AutoPrint: Implement Outpost .pdf print spooler
#1581 AutoPrint: Implement new Addon Variables
#1582 AutoPrint: Move S/R printing from Opsessn to Outpost main
#1584 AutoPrint: Add Spooler Logging
#1585 AutoPrint: Make message file name passed to Addon unique
#1594 AutoPrint: Special handling for running Addon programs and command-line programs
#1569 Add Script text size control
#1570 Addresses detecting PacFORMs if not on the first line.
#1572 Allow Bulletins>custom filter entries to be commented out
#1576 Moves Edit>Move and Edit>Copy to File>Move and File>Copy
#1578 Reintroduces standard print control.
#1580 Add Printer Duplex as a preserved parameter
#1588 Change Addon substitution date values from "0" to NULL String ""
#1590 Incorporate executable status recovery when running Addons
#1595 Add Multiple Msg Copy capability; supports #1352
#1596 Add Multiple Set to Unread capability; supports #1352
#1597 Detect if the Windows O/S is XP or older
#1599 Enhance Context (Popup) menus for Open Messages
#1600 Enhance Context (Popup) menus for New Messages
#1603 AutoPrint: For Addons and File > Print, add printer reset delay to ensure spooled printer requests are processed.
#1604 Enhanced Startup/Shutdown logging
#1605 Encode non-printable characters passed in strings to Addons by Shell and ShellExecute calls
#1610 Text cpdates to Interactive Packet programs

#1577 Resolves enable logic for Setup > Interface form
#1579 Resolves ICS213 field labels for .pdf output
#1583 Resolves setting NTS messages as NTS regardless of how it was retrieved
#1586 Resolves wrong message printed after selecting a different one.
#1602 Always manual print with Headers unless called from Menu > File > Print, No Headers
#1616 Resolves message picking and printing
#1617 Resolves multiple msg deletes on single DEL key press
#1621 Resolves Edit/Copy 521 error on message form
#1627 Resolves a message date error when a 'last year' message is received in the same month this year

Version 3.3c081

16 April 2020
This version includes the following changes:

#1311 Suppress the window from being displayed for script auto-runs
#1357 Sets the SCC Data directory to C:\SCCo Packet
#1382 Adds a user editable field for the Message ID suffix character
#1512 Adds the capability to open a retrieved message on arrival
#1530 Adds font size a/A options for the main Outpost message listing
#1543 Adds Outpost doc links to About Menu
#1547 Makes Station ID User Name field required
#1549 Adds detection of Encode request for 4VAO submitted messages
#1554 Moves ICS-309 “Includes:” and “Excludes:” to below the header lines
#1563 Adds enhanced notification message for Telnet connects
#1565 Change script edit area to Rich Text for correct tab handling

#1306 Resolved message printing TO: and Subject: content does not wrap when printing
#1457 Resolved Addon not dealing with spaces in file names
#1479 Resolved session window grabbing focus when minimized; now a background process
#1532 Resolved on message resend, correctly updates msg ID based on current format
#1540 Resolved column width reset on a new install
#1541 Resolved not detecting change in TxtFolderLabel changes
#1544 Resolved situation where Station ID includes an “@” in the message To: field
#1545 Resolved situation with a valid !bang-id! Declaration with extra trailing spaces
#1552 Resolved message header display problem; always defaulted to Encoded
#1555 Resolved ICS-309 .csv output field misalignment with double quotes
#1556 Resolved ICS-309, ascii report; MsgID, LMI column width to 9 characters
#1561 Resolved Not detecting change in a variety of fields
#1562 Resolved BBS Login tab logic problem

Version 3.3c065 -- Update

8 July 2019
This release includes the following:

#1412 Add support for Base64 message encoding
#1431 Extend SCS Tracker DSP TNC Support
#1453 Add JNOS MD5 Authentication Response

#1434 When Opscripts updates the Outpost message db, refresh the display.
#1462 Add Profile Save option to explicitly save it.
#1463 When exiting or changing profiles and it is set to NEVER, do a pop up stating it was not saved… 2 sec
#1464 If choose one-time bulletin retrieve, ALWAYS get it regardless of Send Only or whatever
#1465 Aoloader.exe now also removes entries on uninstall.
#1486 Warn that you can’t choose the Force option if the Bulletin option is not checked.
#1489 Address book changes; removed distinction between single and Dist List; allows spaces in address
#1490 Add message form option to manually open a PacFORM or Add-on in its native program
#1497 New method (4VAO) to submit an Addon to Outpost.
#1500 Ensure only Printable characters are allowed in the Subject Line
#1501 Change the behavior of ER#1223 (Close Message Form after opening in the native program)
#1504 INTERNAL: change frmPopup Timer interval to a calling parameter
#1505 Rename External Message Service to Enhanced Message Service
#1507 Change PacFORMS final trigger from %23EOF to %0A%23EOF%OD
#1508 Add new Message State = Retrieved to support Auto-printing
#1509 Enhance launch- options with launch-submitted, launch-presend
#1510 force submitted addons just received into an unsaved state to accommodate the [x]/delete/close check
#1511 Adjust Outpost to accommodate new WL2K/CMS message header format (additional blank line)
#1512 Support Launch on Arrival; received message is opened in a message form
#1514 Implement CTRL-A selects all messages in the folder
#1516 Add Multi-message Printing.
#1518 Change Pacform message to Urgent when Handling Order = Immediate
#1523 Make Base64 encoding selectable for Addons
#1529 Differentiate between a User opening a received message and Outpost auto-opening the message
#1537 Add EMS fmt-date and fmt-time formating controls for .ini processing

#1441 Resolved Opscripts access to Srnote.tmp file
#1451 Opscripts Document change; elaborate on FindMessage pattern matching
#1452 Added Opscripts folder checks to limit folder number access to 1-6 and 11-15
#1458 Resolved mouse placement after dragging and dropping messages
#1468 Resolved Session Number not incrementing in Logs
#1469 Resolved issue when opening up multiple messages with the same subject line
#1470 Resolved error condition where an open READY message at S/R time re-creates itself
#1471 Messages in "submitted" state are treated as DRAFT; displayed in Blue
#1474 Correct message form falling behind the main form on opening a UNREAD message
#1476 Correct Addon .ini entry handling
#1477 Resolved situation where no printer was reported, but included in an Addon declaration
#1478 Resolved Opscripts placement on the workspace
#1480 Resolved reoccurring JNOS bulletins retrieved with ever send/receive; handle all Windows Date Formats
#1481 Resolved Add-on Launch.ini and Launch.local inconsistencies
#1483 Corrected behavior to place Saved messages in the DRAFT Folder, not Outtray
#1484 Change Message printout banner to show FCC call as tactical call sign when selected.
#1485 Resolved printer assignment not tracking from one message to another
#1488 Resolved Aoclient manual close request => looping problem
#1502 Fix File Save so that if the message subject contains an extension, not replaced with .txt
#1506 Adjust shutdown logic order to check for open forms first, allow cancel
#1531 Resolved the use of a form’s OK button with no change causes a Profile to be flagged as changed
#1534 Resolved issue with setting MSG_DATETIME_HEADER to Addon Processing
#1535 Resolved long day,date string not fitting in the TimeCheck Date field
#1536 Resolved so that Outpost now closes the notification window on shutting down
#1539 Trap run-time error ‘482’ Printer error when printing to Microsoft Print to PDF driver

Version 3.2c118 -- Incremental Update

31 July 2018
This release includes the following:

ER#1448 Locks PacFORMS and Addon message text area
ER#1450 General cleanup of forms geometries due to an O/S handling difference

ER#1443 Resolved Sent/Received message text window not locking out changes.
ER#1447 Resolved correct message typing when !PACF! is embedded in an error message... not PacFORMS

Version 3.2c110 -- General Update

22 June 2018
This release includes the following:

ER#1200: Add Print pop-up informing the user that the print job was scheduled.
ER#1223: PacFORMS: Add option to close text window if "always load PacFORMS" is checked for Received Messages
ER#1313: Opcripts; Increase Script Symbol, String Table sizes from 100 to 500
ER#1424: If Comm Port was previously blank, user is now prompted to explicitly accept Comm Port setting
ER#1425: Add Outpost Printer value as a passable field to an Add-on
ER#1428: Allow other characters for default destinations
ER#1435: Disable subject Line Editing for PacFORMS Messages
ER#1438: Change JNOS Telnet Password Prompt to "Password" to accommodate MD5 authentication
ER#1444: Disable 'X' close in Aoclient if in the middle of a connect sequence

ER#1226: Fixed Ics309clb Msg ID field spacing
ER#1407: Resolved a newly received message opening to the back; should be up front
ER#1417: Resolved where PacFORMS opens, but window does not have focus
ER#1419: Resolved when there are other things on the display, Outpost does not open on top
ER#1421: Resolved Addon tag now correctly processed in Outpost
ER#1422: Resolved specific condition where BBS Init Command Menu errors
ER#1423: Correct directory handling for the first time Outpost runs after a clean install
ER#1426: Resolved situation where user gets the Message ID Prompt even though the message ID is filled in
ER#1430: Resolved Ipagwpe.exe not correctly sending UNPROTO packets
ER#1432: Resolved BBS Path Field logic pointing to the wrong tab on an error

Version 3.2c106 -- General Update

1 February 2018
This release includes the following:

ER#1239: Adds ability to mark a previously read message as "unread"
ER#1269: Allows the Send/Receive Session Window to be resized and the form geometry saved
ER#1283: Enhanced session Logging; adds config files used for this session
ER#1317: Enhance checking / warning for MID-only Subject Lines
ER#1351: Change JNOS message terminator from cntl-z to /EX to enhance logging
ER#1400: Adds Opdirect Link Test call to Aoclient
ER#1408: Adds Type-ahead for Station ID, Tac Call ID combo Boxes
ER#1409: Supports Mixed-Case Winlink Account Passwords
ER#1411: Adds calling program name to the output since multiple programs could call

ER#1289: Corrects handling of superfluous "/ex" found in a message
ER#1349: Resolves handling of !PACF!, !ICS213! or !addon! not in the first column of a message
ER#1366: Resolves issue where session aborts after matching the Path "Unsuccessful Connect" message
ER#1367: Resolves issue where AGWPE not processing BBS Before/After BBS Changes
ER#1374: Resolved issue of printing from Outpost the last selected message, not the current message.
ER#1403: Resolves issue where Opdirect is already running, another copy produces a cryptic error message
ER#1413: Resolves issue of missing Details on failed telnet connection
ER#1414: Adds mouse wait spinner to Ipserial when selecting the comm port
ER#1418: Resolves method for handling !! entries in a message
ER#1420: Resolves issue with scheduling a BIN program and performing the File Check
ER#1422: Resolved BBS Init Command Menu error on a blank field condition

Version 3.2c097 -- General Update

24 April 2017
This release includes the following:

ICS213MM Enhancements
ER#1096: Add Outpost message form option to keep the Ics213 local and reroute back without a S/R, Manual Mode
ER#1307: Allow Ics213mm to create and send a message to another station on the LAN.
ER#1308: Message Option to create an Ics213mm message from a received Packet Message
ER#1309: Add Option to keep the Ics213 local and reroute back without an S/R, Automatic Mode.
ER#1315: Ics213mm does not always close; put a 3 second pause and then shut down
ER#1321: On Ics213mm Browse, add option to open on the first or last message in the list.
ER#1328: Add Option to make what is entered the default fields
ER#1329: Sets up "Keep Local" messages for Ics309 logging
ER#1332: Fix logic so we update the Outpost record only after the message was sent to Ics213mm

ER#1072: Change Reply-to-all to go to the original sender plus the others, not yourself.
ER#1078: Eliminate or implement as an option deleting leading or trailing blank lines.
ER#1110: Handle the explosion of top level domains.
ER#1146: Add Outpost.profile to the existing Outpost.profile to preserve the Call Sign, BBS, and TNC.
ER#1160: Adds custom Bulletin retrieve filters; requires BBS commands.
ER#1161: Move Send/Receive>Retrieving Tab to BBS Config.
ER#1174: move the "Keep On BBS" control from the Send/Receive Settings to BBS Config.
ER#1232: Implement Add-ons.
ER#1272: Removed character validation from "To" Fields to allow any type of email address.
ER#1314: Adds S/R filter to include the named user as well as the BBS when choosing which messages to send
ER#1325: In Script Settings, the default view with browsing is Wave files.
ER#1326: Increases the number of folders by 5; can be user-defined.
ER#1327: Enhances the Session Logging to include the actual Addresses for Address Book Entries.
ER#1334: Internal: StringLib Optimization.
ER#1336: Handle pseudo data path name in .profile files when installed.
ER#1339: Internal: Adds new "SUBMIT" status for Opdirect-submitted message.
ER#1340: Change Message Count to Items: ### Unread: ###.
ER#1344: Add Submitted Date to msg form; Opdirect to set this field for non-KeepLocal received messages.
ER#1354: Disable a received message Forward and Reply controls for !PACF! Messages.
ER#1355: Enhance message header tab management, support cntl-tabbing to move back one field.
ER#1361: Reconfigure KA-Node Path controls to be similar to UAC control structure.
ER#1362: Rewrite of Station ID form. Change in how IDs are stored. Adds utility to adjust.
ER#1363: Realigned location where Srnote.log is written to be consistent with other logs.
ER#1364: Adjusted data update pgms to avoid triggering the Windows Installer Detection Technology compatibility heuristic

ER#884: Resolved issue to allow message Left Click to drag a message(s) to a different folder.
ER#1134: Corrects problem when switching between Profiles too quickly.
ER#1274: Resolved issue where Outpost was tossing out 2 character addresses.
ER#1277: Resolved issue where Opsessn was throwing out TO Addresses on BPQMailChat.
ER#1282: Error processing ICS213; word ROUTE was part of the text and trapped as a TAG.
ER#1286: Resolved issue where Notification Window does not come to the front when a message comes in.
ER#1298: Addressed print error on Wine PC when no print spooler was tuned on.
ER#1290: Fix a !PACF! tag embedded in the bottom of a !ICS213! message triggered PacRead.
ER#1304: Determined a problem to be caused by Wine 1.4. Resolution was to upgrade WINE.
ER#1315: Corrects handling the case when Ics213mm does not always close on the first try.
ER#1316: Resolved Error 91 on right-click on a blank main Outpost form (no messages listed).
ER#1320: Corrects Bpq/Winlink issue to not strip out the SMTP: in the address line.
ER#1324: Profile drop-down list doesn't resize so can't be changed unless the main window is large.
ER#1333: Correct problem where the date was loaded with a comma instead of a period.
ER#1337: Corrects incorrect CC: address handling for incoming JNOS messages.
ER#1338: Resolves problems when friendly names persist after a BBS delete.
ER#1347: Resolved issue where Ics309 stops loading on a blank record.
ER#1348: Resolved issue where Ipserial errors when selecting File > open file, and then cancel.
ER#1356: Resolved issue where Winlink Msg From fields were not captured correctly.
ER#1358: Resolved issue with message sizing for space only messages.
ER#1359: Resolved issue with Edit > Move menu controls to be consistent with drag and drop.
ER#1360: Resolved issue with DEL key not picking up by the Del Menu Key association for multi-selects.
ER#1365: Resolved issue new Windows 10 behaviors with the use of directories.

Version 3.1c034 -- Winlink Secure Logon Release

15 January 2016
This release specific enhancements needed to support the Winlink Secure Logon feature.  Changes in this release include the following:
#1099: Adds BBS User Access Controls for managing Telnet Passwords associated with a user.
#1278: Adds support for Winlink Secure Logon.
#1284: Removes support for Winlink Telnet Transparency Mode.
#1285: Removes control to use the current Station ID for telnet logons.

3.1c035 Inc

24 January 2016
#1291: Correct the handling of the BPQ "RMS:" tags; replaces "RMS:" and "RMS/" to "rms:"
#1292: Fixes Winlink Acct Password field edit to auto up-shift the password as it is entered.

3.1c036 Inc

25 January 2016
ER#1293: Change to allow UAC Logon to be entered as lower or upper case.
ER#1294: UAC Apply Logic adjustment.
ER#1295: When creating a new UAC, now defaults to lower case; can be manually changed to Upper Case if necessary.

3.1c041 Inc

31 January 2016
#1296: Resolves UAC Runtime Error #9.

Version 3.0.0c260 General Release

23 March 2015
This release contains a mix of new features, enhancements, and corrections several minor application errors.  Changes in this release include the following:

#0683, #1162: Removes the 10,000 character message limit.
#45, #225, #1109, #1165, #1179: The TNC Session Manager now runs as a standalone program (Opsessn.exe); no longer grabs the window focus if configured to run minimized.
#0749: Adds a BBS initialization command list. You can now send specific BBS commands to execute before and after you connect to the BBS.

#1083: Internal Cleanup for tactical call handling.
#1086: Restrict Address, TNC, BBS names to characters that are valid file names.
#1087: Trap for READ-ONLY files for new TNC, BBS, and ADDR data files.
#1103: Fixes leading spaces problem; leading spaces in a message are no longer stripped.
#1116: Resolved issue where Export did not pick up the Received Date/Time field
#1157: Resolved Global Message number issue not being set correctly.

#1184: Resolves Address handling and pressing Apply issue.
#1101: Removes 8 character limit on @address component to be compliant with internet email addresses.
#1129: Resolved issue with Hierarchical Address Continental descriptions.
#1141: Resolved Address book issue where ";" is always added.
#1156: Resolved Reply behavior; extra ";" inserted before the return address

#1068: Replace tag formatted delivery and read receipt messages with human-readable messages. This is useful when sending delivery and read receipts to messages that originated from other than Outpost.
#1072: Fixes the situation so that Reply-All should only go to the original sender plus the others that were copied in the original message, not yourself.
#1089: Handle more date formats; important for SMS messages coming in that do not format the date like JNOS or other BBS messages.
#1093: Add message size to the Open, New message form status bar.
#1135: Message form Send button location (Usability) change.
#1149: Resolved adding LMI field as part of the message Save.
#1186: Change auto-pop message detection from 5 seconds to 2 seconds (supports NTS).
#1187: Resolved Iptelnet defaults to BOLD font.

#0715: Creates a Stand-alone NTS Message Maker. This is the first step to extending this program beyond Outpost.
#1098, #1133: Resolved Message Form Tab handling issue (not consistent with the rest of the app).
#1130: Fixed font default size, also to follow through from message to message.
#1132: Added optional "P" and controls as part of the subject line message ID on plain text messages.
#1140: Resolved Cut and Paste issue from a message form.
#1144: Replaced the Delete all message feature to do exactly that... no copy of the message DB is now created. Once all messages are deleted, it is gone.
#1145: Resolved "tab out of message form" issue.
#1168, #1169: Resolved Ipserial, Ipagwpe, Iptelnet context menu (Right-click to cut and paste) issue.

#0769: Allow TNC Session Manager to take a command line parameter for polling frequency.
#0928: Resolves situation where Auto Send/Receive and Timer triggered a SR even if the previous S/R was not completed. Auto S/R with Timer will now skip the next S/R run if the previous S/R is not completed.
#1104, #1147: Adjust JNOS handling for LM if "0 messages" string situations.
#1119: Handle both old and new style of Delivery/Read receipts
#1126: Mask telnet password from setup, Opsessn, Logs; first implementation
#1195: Implements new Message DB locking strategy.

#0332, #1085: Revamps TNC, BBS, and Address Book data structures to accommodate easier feature expansion.
#0681: Adds TNC and BBS Export and Import capabilities. This is manual for this release.
#0987: Change the BBS path 'Port Number' field from Integer to String*10 to accommodate JNOS 'p144' data type construct.
#1090: Incorporate .ini file contents into the respective TNC data file.
#1091: Incorporate .pth file contents into the respective BBS data file.
#1095: Fixes situation when making a copy of a TNC setup, the TNC command file is not copied.
#1100: Adds dual Message ID fields on Identification form. This allows presetting the Message ID/message number prefix for both FCC call sign and tactical call sign logins which, in turn, allows easier switching between the two.
#1111: Allow mixed case for TNC and BBS Friendly name; reset valid characters to include "(){}[]+-~_.,;'space"
#1128: Tightened up the logic on the BBS and TNC Command Line handling.
#1138: Resolved BBS/TNC initialization problem.
#1139: Resolved choosing global vs Profile Message Number issue.
#1150: Prevents profile names w/ "." periods in their name. Replaces w/ "_".
#1153: Resolved PC Time check to work with W7, W8.
#1185: Addressed Path Handling issues; more path validation. This will require further adjustments.
#1188: Integrated TNC and BBS initialization commands into their respective host setup form.

#1024: Resolved issue wiht Ics309 Print setup not sticking.
#1092: Resolves Printer Setting for Landscape vs Portrait.
#1148, #1182, 1183: Replace Printer Selection control on all programs.
#1154: Resolves Printout tab settings issue where it was starting with tab position 4, and not 8.

#1176: Resolved Outpost issue with PacFORMS launch options for messages in Sent Msgs folder.
#1155: Resolved Script tac call not set after initial install.

3.0.0c332 Inc

10 October 2015
#1286: Resolves situation where an open Send/Receive notification form does not pop to the front when a notification is received.
#1274; Corrected email handling of very short TO addresses
#1277; Corrected handling of missing TO Addresses on non-JNOS BBSs

3.0.0c264 Inc

19 May 2015
#1045; check for and allow for a custom data directory.
#1113; Add Event diagnostics logging for Outpost main program.
#1190; SCC: change PACTIME AFTER value from 1 to 2 in all XSC_... TNCs
#1217; Resolved issue where Delete Key had no effect in New Message Fields.
#1222; Enhanced Session Logging for mail header debugging.
#1242; fixes telnet logon so that the field can be set as either upper or lower case.
#1243; remove support for AA4RE Prompt for Tac Call Customization; code simplification.
#1247; Handle known email address formats.
#1248; fixed log presentation issue.
#1249; Optimizing Tac Call Handling.
#1250; Fixed Received Message To Field handling.
#1251; Add Receipt Exclusion for "mailer@...".
#1252; Add email Header vs usable address to Session Log
#1253; Enhance message form field validation
#1255; Reversing/re-opening #1072 (remove me from Reply) due to incorrect behavior.
#1256; Corrected error with the Installer custom data directory handling
#1257; Corrected behavior if PacForms tag is in the middle of the text
#1259; SCC Installer; Add "data directory entry" to "Ready to Install" page
#1260; SCC Installer; delete PacFORMS folder on desktop
#1264; Corrected handling incomplete ICS213 message posted to the BBS (sender aborts)
#1265; Corrected handling where JNOS lists CC: before TO: in the message header.
#1266; Corrected handling of Outpost correctly ordering TO and then CC addresses.
#1267; Corrected resend message function that does not properly set the Form Type.
#1268; added the received date header to the session log.
#1270; Remove new message TO: character validation to handle valid email address characters.
#1271; Corrected email handling where an email arrives with no TO but a CC address.

Version 2.8.0c41 Release

21 September 2013
This release contains a mix of new features, enhancements, and corrections several minor application errors.  Changes in this release include the following:

#1039: Replace MSCOMM32.OCX serial port library. Supports USB-to-Serial adaptor Comm Port numbers from 1 to 99.
#1060: User Program Launch. Allows users to put their own programs or web pages as on option on the Outpost menu.

#1038: Add a Global message number and switch on the profile to choose either the profile or global message number.
#1047: Add "NTS" type message as a "default" from which to chose.
#1061: Changes to NTS Message Maker to align with the current NTS message standard and content.
#1065: Aligns Local Message ID format to Subject Line hyphenation option.
#1066: Pads Subject Line and Local Message number values to minimum 3 digits.
#1076: Prevents a receipt from being sent back to a MAILER-DAEMON sender.

#1064: Add Support for KWM1200 PBBS.
#1050: Resolves the use of 2 character top level domain names for SMTP addresses.
#1053: Fixes hierarchical address problem where the '#' character was not allowed.
#1056, #1071: Resolve and correctly handle incoming SMTP addresses with DISPLAY names and address specs in the <..> format.
#1055: For JNOS and LM, do not check for "0 new messages". Always do the LM command.
#1074: Corrects JNOS problem with multiple lines of CC: addresses.
#1075: Corrects JNOS embedded tabs in multiple lines of addresses.

#1034: corrects problem where URGENT is not reset from the previous message.
#1040: On disconnect, lengthens timer to ensure we get the TNC prompt before sending the Station ID when Tactical calls are in use.
#1041: Resolves Error Number: 8002, Invalid Port Number occurs if there is a "0" port number entered.
#1048: Resolves "Runtime error 482: Printer error" when adding a printer when no printers are present.
#1062: Corrects problem Ipserial "create Outpost" function.
#1063: Correctly handles SCC-delivered .profile file when the destination directory is not known at package creation time.
#1067: Opdirect; Backed out #1031 data transfer reply size to PacFORMS
#1069: Ics213mm; Corrects GUI logic error on field initialization.

Version 2.7.0c21 Release

3 February 2013
This release contains a mix of new features, enhancements, and corrections several minor application errors.  Changes in this release include the following:

#951:  Resolves Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 access permissions errors
#1017: Add Selectable Profiles

#1015: resolves Error 380 if there are were no address book records
#1018: Add Font change to Outpost new and open messages.
#1019: Default Comm Port Setting RTS/DTS to On
#1022: Delivers an up and down arrow on the message forms that allow you to move to the next or previous message without closing it.
#1025: Adds a Forgetful PC option that pops up a time check to let the user know what the PC time is.  This is needed to ensure accurate timestamping for and reporting of messages.
#1028: Corrects placement of Profile name on Station ID form for better viewing.
#1032: Followup on #951; correctly handles data directory if Outpost.conf does not exist.
#1033: Handles JNOS area check when the area does not

#1029: Opdirect, handle IE9 requesting a favicon file.
#1030: Opdirect, resolved TCP error on IE9 server interaction.
#1031: Opdirect, Adjusts message write-back tuning to PacFORMs.

Interactive Programs
#1012: Adds AN option to turn off KISS and Host Mode in Ipserial.exe

Version 2.6.0c024 Release

20 May 2012
This release contains a mix of new features, enhancements, and corrections several minor application errors.  Changes in this release include the following:

#960: Adds a MARS Message Maker program (Marsmm.exe) to support MARS reporting.  See your Service national MARS web site for details on how to obtain the MARS Message Maker program.

#909: Send-Only Option. Allow the user to send a message without performing a check for incoming messages.
#910: Control fonts. User can change font size on all Outpost message forms.
#918: Skip TNC setups. If certain TNC command fields are blank (datetime, etc), then Outpost will not send it.
#948: Set Msg ID location. Adds another location to set the 3 character message ID on the Identification Form.
#959: Adds support for KPC4-5.0-HM$ PBBS.
#961: Message Handling problem. Corrects a problem with mMsgIndex data type.
#962: Address Book and JNOS. Fixes problem when forwarding an address book entry to another user using JNOS.
#963: Adds a Resend option. User cab send a message previously sent and either reuse the current message number or increment to the next number.
#965: Printing Receipts. Adds an option to exclude auto-printing of READ: and DELIVERED: messages when they arrive.
#967: Adds support for Airmail as a BBS. This is pending a complete description of the message exchange handshake.
#975: Receive Time. Adds a receive time variable to the message record; this is different from the message post time that refers to when the message was actually posted to the BBS.
#976: Receive Time to PacFORMS. Passes the Receive Time to PacForms at launch time.
#977, #978: AutoPop Change. This change causes the message "AutoPop" functionality to perform the check all the time regardless of Opdirect running or not.
#979, #980: various internal code changes.
#986: In-domain SMTP address. Corrects the Address validation check.
#988: PC's IP address. Adds an option to display your PC's computer name and IP Address (Help > My IP Address).
#990: Opscript a`nd BBS Friendly Names.
#994: Internal code change. Corrects the handling of the message db control record.
#995: Adds support for the KAM3 PBBS.
#996: Adds MARS-specific hierarchical address support.
#1000: Fix corner ase for Telnet w/o password and Node Access.
#1001: Code opimization change, all programs.

#989: Fixes command line file passing problem. Corrects command line processing to ensure parsing on a "-" of the command option works correctly.

Interactive Programs
#910: Control fonts. Allows the user to change font size on all interactive packet programs.
#421, 981: Adds an Ipserial option: "Get Comm Port Settings from Outpost".  This loads the currently set Serial configuration into Ipserial.exe.
#964: IpAgwpe, Iptelnet, and Ipserial do not show the bottom of the screen in Aero windows appearances. All 3 programs are updated to now correctly handle this regardless of the windows appearance that is currently selected.

Opdirect, Ics213mm, and PacFORMS
#974: Firefox processing: FireFox FF 8 does not look at the file type to determine that it is an HTML file.

#926: Ini initialization problem. Fixes a date and time format problem where the ini file gets created and then deleted.
#930: Ics213mm. Internal Outpost cleanup of route processing.
#935, #940: Audible alert on message receipt. Similar to Outpost, this feature now lets the user choose a .wav file to plan when a message has been received.
#938: resolved Reply problem where an original message had a full reply structure set up.
#946: Updated ICS 213 Form. Adds the optional Incident name field to all form processes. This change is in compliance with this FEMA reference:
#957: Stand-alone install. Adds a stand-alone install package for non-ham Ics213mm users.
#982: Cursor handling problem. Resolves cursor placed in a field making it appear as if it is ready for input, but the field is actually locked until pressing NEW or REPLY.
#989: Network Check. Adds a check to see if networking is enabled before starting& a complete remote Outpost process.

2.6.0c027 Inc

16 June 2012
#1003: Implements the SendOnly command in Opscripting.
#1004: Fixes problem where a script could have been saved in a different location, and the Most Recently Used section on the File menu could not find it.
#1007: On pressing the Ipserial or Telnet Connect button, fixes situation where the cursor was left on the button and not placed in the text field.

2.6.0c029 Inc

1 July 2012
#1000: backed out this change. Impacted the Telnet logon process.

Version 2.5.0c014 Release

December 26, 2010
This release contains a mix of new features, enhancements, and corrections several minor application errors.  Changes in this release include the following:

#416, #857: ICS 309 Communications Log report builder to produce a standard ICS309 Comm Log Report.
#870: Local Message ID, assign all incoming messages with a Local Message ID (LMI).
#874: Uses the Standard Windows Data directory locations.

#533: NTS Tab Management, causes fields into which the user tabs to be fully selected.
#770: resolves Non-Model Form Errors, particularly when using PacFORMS.
#826: Add control to create a new Message from the Address Book. 
#843: Invoke Address Book. Double-click on the new message form TO: icon brings up and select the address book choices.
#845: Find Outpost Data Files files. This change adds a menu option to open Windows Explorer to the exact location for Outpost data directories.
#860: Force retrieves Bulletins, allows the user to force a one-time retrieval of any bulletin that Outpost thinks is already downloaded.
#863: JNOS, skip issuing the List command on a " 0 New" message listing. 
#865: Save Tac Call, Tac Text, saves the entered Tactical Call and Tactical Test regardless whether Use Tactical Call is selected or not.
#868: Add an Archive button to the Message form.
#875: Add a button control to jump from Report Settings to Message Settings to set up Subject Line Identifier.
#879: MINOR: TNC init file name change, leaves off the entire path so that only the file name shows in the form caption.
#880: MINOR: PacFORMS: popup prompt change. 
#881: MINOR: Spelling change. Fix Auto-Read/deliver receipt wording.
#883: Error Handling. Enhance Report Error routine to pass 1 or 2 additional parameters for clarification.
#890: Adds NTS support for Winlink Classic.
#891: Resolved Message Window sizing problem.
#894: Cursor Placement in a Message. When opening any message (new, reply, forward), the cursor is now placed in the first blank field.
#895: Improves JNOS Message detection for uniqueness. 
#900: resolves form validation when TNC Comm Port settings are blank.
#901: Fix to Report Settings form to display only the file name, not the entire path
#902: Minor corrections to Address Book functionality.
#903: Message Form General Release Cleanup, misc changes.
#904: Outpost General Release Cleanup, misc changes.
#906: Fixes issue when forwarding a message, it picked up the origination station BBS, not the currently defined BBS.

#793: Add bulletin Expire command (Expire(0)) to delete bulletins that you own and posted. 
#814: Add Message Receipt System Variable (RECEIPTS) to set the Message Receipts.
#816: Add a System variable (SRNOTE) that holds the result of the last SR session.
#820: Add a System variable (DATETIME) that holds the DATETIME value of a message.
#821: Add ability for a script to call another script.  Documents how to call a script either from another script, or from some other program or .bat file.
#877: Trap the cursor position on the Edit Form. This change ensures that the cursor is were the user left it prior to moving to a different view.
#898: Fix String Compare. This change corrects a problem where you could not compare a string as used in cases such as "if FROM = "KN6PE" then...". 

ENHANCEMENTS -- Interactive Packet Programs
#886: Handle windows standard windows edit Pop-up for users who use the Mouse and right-click to bring up an edit menu.
#905: Iptelnet, fixes the case for creating a TNC Telnet entry in Outpost, not all fields were correctly initialized. Other minor changes.

ENHANCEMENTS -- Opdirect, Ics213mm, and PacFORMS
#806: Support Concurrent Connects, supports more than one program connecting at a time. Additionally, this change should address some instability issues reported by Ics213mm and PacFORMS users. 
#810: Resolve program hangs if Opdirect stops.
#873: Handle situation with ":" in the message text.
#878: PacFORMS: Add local message controls for opening in native form.
#887: PacFORMS, Pick up Message Priority from Pacform messages status embedded in the subject line.

2.5.0c021 Inc

March 27, 2011

#839, adds more error reporting for file handling.
#907, adds support for BPQMail handling of a single SP command for multiple destinations on the TO: line.
#908, fix detection of no LM listing for KAM.
#911, re-instated a test to trap LM listings where the P/BBS lists messages FROM me, but not TO me. This check was previously removed to handle a JNOS case where all LM listings, regardless if they are to me or not, need to be retrieved (the Alias case).
#913, corrected problem with MFJ127x and DXNET retrieves due to variable initialization problem

#839, Corrects FindWord call to parse the text list in a comma, not a space.

2.5.0c033 Inc

August 7, 2011
This is the 2nd incremental release that follows the v2.5 c021 release.  Changes in this release include the following:

#924, Does not retrieve Area messages from a BBS if previously downloaded from another BBS (JNOS issue)
#927, Adds the word DRAFT in the message listing to indicate that a message is not ready to be sent.
#939, Fixes a problem for TNOS and SNOS since their behavior is different from JNOS for message listing.
#944, Locks the Message FROM field. To change, go to Setup > Identification and change the operator call sign.
#945, For JNOS,if there are no messages listed for the user after connecting to the BBS, skip the "LM" command. Improves channel efficiency.
#953, Add optionto turn off Notifications alarm (Tools > Send/Receive Settings, Other Tab)
#954, Resolves problem where SNOS apparently occasionally leaves the route field blank.
#955, Internal adjustment to resolve differences in data type handling for Message Numbering.

#917, Added Check of the Date and Time Format fields so that it is valid prior to existing the form.
#931, #932, #933, Rewrite of Ics213mm to correct message handling, date/time, and processing problems.

#929: Fixes problem to not remember the drive name when accessing a file.

#898, Outpost sends specific Outpost data to PacFORMS as a means to pre-populate specific fields on the PacFORMS form.
#899, Allows the user to Launch PacFORMS files directly from Outpost. This occurs whenever PacFORMS is also installed on the same PC.
#943, Passes name and date data to Pac-Read when displaying incoming PacFORMs messages in its native form.

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