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Outpost Documents

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All Outpost documentation is up to date for the v3.7 release. Check out the new Outpost Quick Start guide that guides you through the basics of setting up and getting on the air with Outpost. New to Outpost Scripting? Then see the 13 tutorials for a hands-on introduction to Scripting, located here.

User Guides

Outpost Quick Start Guide; Version: 3.7 | March 2023

Outpost User Basics; Version: 3.7 | March 2023

Outpost Scripting; Version: 3.7 | June 2023

Ics213mm User Guide; Version: 3.4 | July 2020

Ics309 Comm Log Builder Users Guide; Version: 3.7 | March 2023

NTS Message Maker Users Guide; Version: 3.7 | April 2023


App Notes

Outpost on Linux, March 2023
Mark Phillips, NI2O. A good writeup on getting OutpostPM running on Linux.

(alternate) USB Serial Server, February 2021
This app note is a variation on the July 2020 QST article titled A Raspberry Pi USB Serial Server.

Setting up Outpost for Winlink and Telnet Access -- UPDATE, April 2017
This note describes now to configure Outpost's BBS Login feature to manage passwords for Winlink 2000 and telnet-accessible BBSs. It is an updated version of the v3.1 note and reflects any changes to forms and program controls.

FBB Implementation Guide, December 2006
Introduction and description on how I brought up an F6FBB Bulletin Board System was to support our local county hospital packet infrastructure.

Getting Outpost to work on Windows 95, February 2006
A summary of the work performed by Bruce KC6VHR on getting Outpost to run on Windows 95. This Windows Version has been problematic for many users since W'95 is out of support and update files are no longer available from Microsoft for download.

KPC-3P BBS-in-a-Box, January 2009
This describes how a KPC-3P could be used as a standard alone PBBS. This is possible by using the latest KPC firmware (with concurrent access capability) and a 512Kb memory upgrade. Firmware and memory upgrades are also described.

Poor Mans Attachments, October 2009
describes a way to send small binary attachments. This is a manual work-around until Outpost is updated to handle this.

Quick Start Guide for an Outpost Packet
From Richard K6TM, Nevada County ARES EC and Gregory KG6SJT, Yolo County ARES EC; This Quick Start guide for Outpost Packet identifies the components and procedures you need to get started and the basic steps needed to make a successful packet connection.

Setting up KA-Node, Netrom, and telnet access -- UPDATE, May 2017
Describes how to configure a BBS to be accessible using KA-Nodes and Netrom nodes. Update includes access to BPW MailChat through the BPQ32 switch. Four examples are discussed with descriptions on how to identify, define, and configure your own nodes.

Sending Spreadsheet Data, March 2004
Describes how to send spreadsheet data by Outpost.

Spell checking for Outpost, January 2012
Describes how to add a spell checker to Outpost or any other application that takes text input.

TNC Settings for Santa Clara County Packet, April 2016
This paper from Santa Clara County RACES describes how to set up Outpost TNCs to reduce packet channel traffic. Through these settings, SCC RACES reduced their packet traffic by 80% (the series of sends and Acks between 2 stations).

Release Content Descriptions

Outpost v3.3c081 Release Content, April 16, 2020

Outpost v3.3c065 Release Content, July 8, 2019

Outpost v3.2 Release Content, January 26, 2017

Outpost v3.1 Release Content, December 30, 2015

Outpost v3.0 Release Content, October 6, 2014

Outpost v2.8 Release Content, September 9, 2013

Outpost v2.7 Release Content , January 9, 2013

Outpost v2.6 Release Content , April 9, 2012

Outpost v2.5 Release Content , November 21, 2010

Outpost v2.4 Release Content , December 28, 2009

Outpost v2.3 Release Content , September 21, 2008

Outpost v2.2.2 Release Content , January 1, 2008

Outpost v2.2.1 Release Content , December 16, 2007

Training Presentations

The following are training packages delivered by different groups.

Packet Radio, an Introduction, Cupertino ARES/RACES, January 1, 2008

Getting Started with Outpost, January 7, 2009
Presentation made to the Alameda County (CA) Sheriffs Communications Team.

Other Docs

Introduction to the NTS Traffic System for Packet, a good reference to NTS operations on packet. April 10, 2006

Outpost QST Article, April 2008
This article that was published in the April 2008 issue of QST, page 35. Note that the AGWPE links referenced in the article subsequently were changed. See the AGWPE HOW-TO for updated links.